Stop worrying about updating the CRM.

Let it call your team on the phone and update itself

phone call

Your CRM is only as good as the data in it.

With Elisebot your data is always up to date to the minute.

Stop chasing updates

No matter how hard you've tried, your team is still not updating the CRM, and you keep having to chase them down. That stops today.

With Elisebot they won't even have to log into the CRM anymore. All they have to do is answer the phone and talk to our AI and everything will update automatically.

Instant feedback

Can your sales team even remember everything that was said in the 9 AM meeting by the end of the day? Now they don't have to.

Luckily for you, Elisebot will call your team right after they meet with cients to debrief and get feedback while it's still fresh in their head. It's like having a wingwoman on the cloud.


We will call you ASAP.

Free up time to sell more

Stop wasting it on CRM busywork!

Estimate your savings



per month


How many people in your team will be using Elisebot?

Team size

10 people

How much time per month does each member of your team spend updating the CRM?

CRM admin time

21 hours

How much do you pay each team member per hour on average (on target)?

Hourly earnings ($)


Get your time back
Did you know the average field sales rep spends 22 hours every month fiddling with the CRM?

That's almost 3 whole days they could spend selling instead of typing. Using Elisebot your team won't ever have to spend hours updating the CRM anymore.

CRM busywork

22h 22h
1h 1h

Save 21h of administration!

What can it do?

Elisebot is the perfect secretary for your sales team


Elisebot lets you update and manage opportunities, including stage, close date, amount and every other field.


Add quickly the people you meet by texting Elisebot their info or emailing her a picture.


Elisebot can brief you on your daily agenda and previous activity with the clients you're visiting next.


You can ask Elisebot anytime about the status of your pipeline, broken down by stage.

To dos

Elisebot adds follow-up tasks to contacts and opportunities to help you keep the ball rolling.


Keep up to date with what's going on in your Salesforce Chatter or work Slack.


Elisebot can talk to you over text if you're in a crowded or loud area and can't talk


Ask anytime about your current sales targets and goals, or have elisebot update you after every call.

How does it work?

It's really easy to get started with Elisebot

Log in with your Salesforce account
Elisebot loads your calendar
Drive to your next client meeting
Meet with your client
Get back in your car and drive to the next appointment
Elisebot will call you on the way
Talk to Elisebot and answer her questions
Elisebot will update salesforce automatically

Elisebot works with




per user / month
(paid annually)

Choose if you:
  • Use Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Have an Enterprise or Unlimited plan
  • Use opportunities
  • Use stages to set up your sales funnel
  • Keep your agenda in Salesforce
  • Won't use Elisebot with custom objects
  • Didn't customize Sales Cloud too heavily
  • Want to talk to Elisebot in English or Dutch
  • Spend half of your time outside the office



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Contact us if you:
  • Use other CRMs like Hubspot or Pipedrive
  • Don't have a Salesforce Enterprise plan
  • Built your own CRM
  • Don't use a sales funnel
  • Use calendar not integrated with CRM
  • Want to use Elisebot with any custom objects
  • Customized Salesforce heavily
  • Want to talk to Elisebot in other languages
  • Want to use Elisebot for something else
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